Monday, November 1, 2010

Your Gonna Love Me

He was fine. 6'3, big hands, big feet, handsome face, and a gorgeous body. He was a god and I was in full worship mode.He worked at the law firm across the street from the men's shoe store I worked in. He came in one day, asked for a size 13, and the rest is history.

He called me faithfully every night and I drove over to his place. We would fuck till dawn and I would go home and wait for the next night of passionate love making. I tried calling during the day but I never got an answer. I was okay with that until I saw her. He was jumping in a cab with some blond headed chick who was not a co worker.

I called him over 40 times that night. After the last call I jumped in my car and parked across the street from his building. I could see her in the window, she was undressed. I got out my car and took the elevator up to the 15th floor. I knocked as loud as I could with a stiletto on. He did not look to happy to open the door and see my face. He told me he had company and he would probably call me tomorrow, then closed the door. I took out my sharpie and wrote 'whore' as many times as I could fit it on his hardwood door.

I sat in my car till dawn and watched as he kissed her forehead in the lobby. The same kiss I got every morning before hopping in my car. I followed her cab. I waited all of 15 minutes before walking around to the back of her brownstone with the brick out the trunk of my car. I threw it straight through the second floor window and hauled ass back to my driver's seat. She would leave my man alone after finding my little note telling her so.

The next night I still didn't get my call. I was going insane. I would've called him but the number was changed and he must've forgotten to give it to me. I mean that happens. Hes a busy man. She was just a mistake and he was waiting to apologize the right way. I picked out my sexiest lingerie and my long pea coat and drove to his building. I couldn't wait to see my man.

I knocked on his door. He opened it and looked shocked to see me. I threw my arms around his neck expecting to be kissed and swept away. Instead he yelled at me. He called me crazy and told me he was done with me. He told me to never come back to his apt and don't try to contact him. I cried and got the door slammed in my face. He was mad at me for just showing up. I understood and I would make it up to him.

The next day I went to the restaurant he ordered from all the time and got his favorite meal. I walked across the street to his job and hand delivered it. Imagine my surprise when I got escorted out by security without even seeing my man. I was furious. How dare they take me out when I was trying to fix things. Didn't they know who I was? Did they not see the pictures of me I put all over his office? We were in love.

His job made him call the cops on me. I know because they came to my work counter with a order of protection. He would never do that to me. He was crazy about me. His job also must not allow pictures because they were all mailed back to me. The paper said I couldn't call or contact him for 3 years. 3 years was too long to be away from my man. I couldn't have that. We were gonna be together. he was just waiting for me to make the move.

I waited in front of his building for a hour before grabbing my duffel bag out of the trunk and pressing the button for the elevator. This is the way its suppose to be. I walked down the hall and knocked softly at his door. We belonged together. He opened the door and I kicked it in. We could've had a future together. I told him I loved him and the only way they would leave us alone is in another life. We made the perfect couple. I pulled the trigger 3 times before turning the barrel on myself. He loved me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Unofficial Threesome

He came up to the doorway. Ready for the show tonight he brought along a towel. He peaked his head around the doorway of the room that belonged to his roomates. A couple from upstate New York had moved in for six months and had been fucking like wild animals since they arrived. Peter never spied on his guest before, but the endless nights of sleeping alone to the sounds of hardcore fucking had finally got to him.

He watched as Richie slowly removed Beth's white top to reveal her 42DD breasts in a pink lace bra. He unsnapoed the bra with his right hand in a quick but gentle motion, leaving his left hand free to fondle her already erect nipples. He lifted her right breast to his lips and kissed them slow, then he opened his mouth and consumed the whole thing as if his life depended on her satisfaction. She let out a loud moan, satisfied she was.

All the while Peter is standing in the hallway, dick in hand. Jerking slowly, knowing the show is far from over. He moved closer to the door, not wanting to miss a single sound or stroke. Richie was now between Beth's thighs using his tongue to make her shake to a new extent. She was begging him to stop. He grabbed on to her thighs even tighter and pulled her pussy twords his mouth, wanting to make sure she could feel the lash of his firm tongue agaist her clit at full force. In a matter of seconds Beth was cumming all over Richie's face. Peter's heart rate speeds up and he is starting to feel real pleasure in watching the scene.

Now it's Beth turn to turn up the heat. She drops to her knees and instantly engulfs Richie's eight inch thick penis into her mouth. She runs her tongue along the tip of his manhood as she moves her head up and down in a fast and steady motion. Richie moans from the sight of watching a woman as gorgeous as Beth attempting to please him at all. He grabs the back of her head and jams his dick down her throat. She gags and spits on his dick and continues to deep throat. They keep going for about ten minutes as Peter watches in amazement and feels his resistance getting weaker. He needs to bust a nut.

Richie enters Beth from the back, slow and steady. He speeds up and is soon entering her dripping wet pussy at a rapid pace. Beth feels his dick deep in her, she loves it. She bounces her fat ass back at the speed of lighting wanting to make sure he is hitting every spot. They moan together, loud enough to cover up Peter's short moans in the doorway. Richie begins to smack Beth's ass and the noise from them bouncing into each other is turning them on even more.

Beth is flowing like a ocean and Richie is diving deep. He pulls her hair as she screams and plays with her clit, inflicting her second nut of the night on herself. Richie grabs her nipples and squeezes them til Beth cums again. Peter is getting light headed from the built up anticapation. Richie pounds harder and deeper as Beth arches her back and tightens her pussy as reflex to Richie's thrust. Richie feels her walls getting tight in a poetic motion. The thought of her cumming along with the feeling of her tight pussy made Richie cum.All three came together. Peter caught his nut seconds after Richie nutted. He nutted in his towel and stood there and tried to regain his strength as he watched the room spin. Beth nutted with Richie and they shook together and next fell upon one another. Everyone with a satisfied look on their face and everyone ready to sleep.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Teenage Love Affair

I met Raymond when I was 16 years old. He told me he was 19 and self employed. I didn't really care much about what he did for a living because he was so beautiful to look at. I had always noticed him in front of the bodega down the block from the McDonald's I worked at and one day he finally spoke to me. I cant even remember what he said but little did I know he was now an important part of my life.

My parents worked night shifts so I invited him over the same night. We had sex and continued it every night from then on. He never officially called me his girl and I ever expected it. I started coming late to work and breaking curfew to see him every minute I could. I was falling in love fast with a guy I barely knew.

Eventually he started laying the rules for me and I followed. Soon I was giving him half my check as fast as I could cash it and whatever I had left over was spent on gifts for him. I wasn't allowed to hang with my friends because as he put it they were "Ho's who were jealous of me and him". So I dropped them and focused all my attention on him. My grades even started to slip because I was staying up all night with him.

Then after a couple of months his true side came out. We were standing outside and I said hello to a guy I had known since I was a kid. I noticed a look come across his face but i never took it as anger. A minute later he slapped me right across the face. I cried. Not because I got slapped but because I had made him angry with me. He came over that night we had sex and all was forgiven. That's the same night I went through his wallet and saw his true age was 25. I didn't care though, I was already in love.

After a while the slaps became punches and I had bruises and black eyes. Shades were becoming a part of my everyday outfit. I figured he could only get mad enough to hit me if he truly loved me. I made myself believe it was okay. I had to be special, why else would such a mature guy want to be with me?

Its amazing how your mind can do mental gymnastics to convince you something you know is ruining you is good for you. After getting my ass beat to the point where I was in the bed for about two days, lying to my parents I had been jumped, i realized this wasn't love. I wasn't special. And he was just using me. I was a young girl who was manipulated by a older guy. I changed my number. I changed schools. I got back to the most important thing in my life. Me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I was just an option

She was perfect. Beautiful flawless skin clear of any blemishes. Long thick black hair. A body most men wish they could even touch. Come to find out most of them probably had. She wasnt perfect and I was fooled.

When we first met I just knew I had found the woman of my dreams.She was gorgeous, she could cook, she liked sports, and she didnt have any kids. It never quite hit me that she was too good to be true until I found out otherwise.I made her my sun and my world revolved around her.

Since we first got together she had male friends and why shouldnt she? She was a grown independent woman and I trusted her. Even though we didnt hold hands in the street and when i said 'I love you' her reply was 'I know u do'. So what she had missed a couple of dates or didnt answer her phone some nights. I mean she had to have a life too. It was okay she missed my birthday twice and I was the only one who bought Valentine's Day gifts. I loved her.

One night I woke up to her phone ringing. The ID simply read 'T'. I fought myself back and forth in my head for all of 2 seconds before walking into the bathroom to answer it. The husky male voice on the other end didnt wait for her to talk before saying 'Hey babe, u done with work yet?'. I hung up.

I watched the woman I thought I knew sleeping. He hadnt said much but he said enough. The phone vibrated again this time with a text message reading ' Why did u hang up? love u, call me back'. Love? How could he be in love with the woman who loved me. I mean she never said it but I knew she did. She had to as much as I loved her. Thats when I realized I had been in love by myself.

Things went downhill after that. I never spoke of the incident but it consumed me and made me open my eyes to just how much she didnt care, She still never said I love u. I still never met any of her friends. I still was playing the fool. Eventually i called her up one day to tell her it was over and all she said was 'okay'. I never heard from her again.

I was devastated. Hurt because the woman I loved and was faithful to never saw me in the same way. Mad she let me believe I was the only one recieving her affection. Feeling stupid for making her my all and i was just some guy she was seeing. But I had learned a hard lesson. Never give more then u recieve.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

From The Other Woman

We have been called everything from home wrecker to slut to whore or whatever other degrading word you can think of. I'm the 'other woman' the 'bitch on the side' or most referred to as the 'sideline'. I'm ready to tell our side and why we do what we do and while I cant speak for everyone I can offer general knowledge of what goes on in the other woman's mind. If you cant handle the truth stop reading now before you get your feelings hurt.

First let me say most of us don't choose to be on the side and once we find out we are too deep in to just leave. We're offered false promises and are lied to about our position in their life. As far as we are concerned we were the most important and we were betrayed. The choice to still carry on with them when you find out your number two is involuntary and living a dream.

Then there are the ones like me who know and don't care. If I can get him to cheat I can get him to leave. When I see something I want I go for it and don't care about a ring on his finger or his relationship status because those things can be adjusted. As far as if he has children, not my kid, not my problem. Obviously there's something she's not doing for him that I can. And for the people who say you lose them how you get them, you wont as long as you do what you been doing that got them in the first place.

There are some of us who are just in it for the sex, period. You don't want to suck his dick, I will. You don't take it up the ass, I do. Its simple stuff like that which will make him cheat on you with me and I am more than willing to accept him when he comes. We don't want a relationship an when we see him getting too caught up we leave them for the next one with a girl at home. We just want the dick, you can deal with his emotions and bull crap like that.

Any woman can end up as the 'other woman', life is just uncertain like that. Whether you chose to be or not there are many of us out there and we are not going away. My advice is to do what your man wants. Sexually and emotionally, make him feel like a king and he wont stray. We fill the positions your lacking in. If more women just listened and tried to do what their man is asking of them they wouldn't have a need for any other woman because you would be their super woman.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yes we're gonna get into the topic that ruins most relationships, cheating. Anybody is capable of cheating no matter how much your in love or how much you care about someone. Its such a simple act that hold so many consequences. Not only can you damage your relationship beyond repair but you give the person you cheated with power over it.

The first question that crosses your mind when you find out your partner cheats is, why? Honestly the answer doesnt matter. The act was still done and the trust was still broken, but you still want to know. You want to know why they they betrayed you and wonder why you weren't enough for them.

There are tons of reasons people cheat and most of the time they dont mean to hurt the person they're committed to. Some dont know how to make the change to being faithful and being satisfied with just one person. Others arent satisfied sexually and instead of communicating it with their partner they communicate it with another between their sheets. Although cheating is just a distraction from their relationship problems most confuse it with a solution.

It is a common myth men cheat more then women. Many even say men are conquerors so they cant help it. Its all a lot of bullshit. Women cheat just as much as men and possibly more and for some reason it is just overlooked. Its just a relationship stereotype that needs to vanish. Just as fast as he can stick his dick in another woman , she can open her legs for another man and its just as wrong.

To sum it up cheating is wrong period. It doesnt do anything but put a strain on your relationship and possibly end it. If you feel the need to cheat just leave, period. Its not worth the heartache, lies, and hurt your going to cause your partner. If your cheated on, leave, even if you decide to go back. You have to show them its unacceptable and you wont tolerate it. Also, dont think you can hide it, the truth always reveals itself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pay Attention

Sometimes when your in love with someone you can be very oblivious to bullshit and cling on to a lot of words that are just that, words. Its always better to look at someones actions to know what they're really about but most people dont know how to do that so I'm here to tell you.
'I love you' are just words nothing more nothing less. When someone truly loves you all they want to do is make you smile. They are not happy unless you are. If you tell them something they are doing is making you uncomfortable they will do everything they can to change it because they care that much. They see the future as 'we' not 'you and them'.
If u havent heard it once then you've heard it a dozen times. Sex is not love. You may think your special because they always make time to see you but if its only to have sex that's all you are, a lay. Dont be fooled by the sappy text messages and the late night lets talk sexy phonecall. If the only time you truly spend together involves sex then your just fuck buddies plain and simple.
Another example, if only you and the person your with know your together, you are NOT in a relationship. Yea you see them everyday get a daily phonecall but you never go out. You've never been to their neighborhood or met any of their friends. You dont do public affection and you come off more as friends then lovers. Pay attention, things are not as serious as you think they are and your probably not the only one.
In other words if your frowning more then you're smiling then maybe you to need to rethink your situation. Love doesnt hurt, period. Now every moment wont be all cheese smiles but the bad should never outweigh the good most of the time.